We all have them and the reality is, some expectations are met while other expectations will simply exceed the means for a decent relationship; with ANYONE (including yourself)

You are probably curious about how your own expectations find a way to stop you from feeling “complete?”
When was the last time you sat long enough to question, “What is wrong with me?” IF you even ask yourself that question at all?!?!

Conversations about what he or she has done wrong is about the easiest of conversations to have with friends and or family because YOU get to play the victim (each and every time) but how often do you converse with your friends and or family with explaining YOUR major role for being the one that refuses to LET GO and simply allow for change? Perhaps those award-winning conversations where you can not stop from making mistakes and so the revolving door of failed relationships is all you know.

Let us take your last 3 relationships…..

How long were they? How did they end and what similar patterns did you follow in each relationship?

!!! Because there IS a pattern !!!

If you are to have a “different” relationship, YOU need to go about things DIFFERENTLY than your past relationship(s). Quite often when you speak about your significant other within the first few months, it is about how you are ready for something NEW and exciting! You will even speak of that person as the one who brought peace back into your life and how they have shown you what “REAL LOVE” is. (THEY HAVE CHANGED YOU) and you are scared but regardless, you are READY!

ALL of this and the two of you have not even had your first ARGUMENT! You know the one, where all of the sudden words are exchanged that are not meant but still said in the heat of an argument to hurt the other person….Guess who suddenly reminds you of every piece of sh*t that you have ever dealt with (in that very moment)?

How do you handle this situation? Is your first impulse to pick up the phone and call a friend and or family member for advice? ……….WAIT……….. Think back to your previous relationship hiccups and what your FIRST course of action was during an argument….did you pick up a phone to call a friend and or family member for advice?

Do you now see the pattern?

We need to better address our own issues before tackling LOVE! Expect more from who WE are and focus on loving your own reflection enough to say, “I am Imperfect!” but do this before you expect someone to LOVE you any differently than those who came before this man or this woman.



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